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Here is a showcase of work from a variety of schools.

Kingstone & Thruxton Primary – Norman Invasion animation

Year 4 created this in one morning using LEGO Movie maker, Green Screen, iMovie a few resources from the web, models of their own and the school hall.

Bosbury Primary – Digiduck’s Big Decision – What are they thinking?

After reading through the animated e-book version of Childnet’s Digiduck’s Big Decision wereflected on what some of the characters might be thinking at key moments in the story. This movie was created in Book Creator and exported as a Movie. Simple! All as a part of Antibullying Week.

Holmer CE Academy – Tudor Facts with Green Screen

A film made by Class 3C At Holmer.

Our Lady’s E-Buddies’ SMART rules film – July 2016

A film made by the newly appointed E-Buddies team (e-safety pupil leaders). Their job is to help other children to stay safe online and to become experts in digital safety. Made by 16 children from years 2 to 5.

St Mary’s CE Primary, Credenhill – The Digestive System by Year 4 – March 2015

An animation made by the whole class, in groups. We used Zu3D animation software and Windows Movie Maker on laptops, I Can Animate app, and iMovie on iPads. We hope you enjoy it.

Ashfield Park Primary, Ross-on-Wye – Reception – The Gruffalo – March 2015

A retelling of The Gruffallo by the two reception classes at Ashfield Park Primary, Ross-on-Wye. We used Green Screen and iMovie. And we had lots of fun.

Burghill Academy – Reception – People who help us- various apps – February 2015

People Who Help Us – a short film created by children in Wye Class at Burghill Academy, Herefordshire. They created this in Book Creator on their iPads, with some help from Green Screen, Puppet Pals and iMovie, and exported it as a video.

Lugwardine Primary – Year 2 – Natural History films – January 2015

The films below were made by six children in one afternoon using 3 iPads with iMovie. Of course, a good deal of work had gone on before hand with Mrs Hemming in Literacy with the help of David Attenburgh.

 St Paul’s CE Primary – Year 2 – Traditional Tales – January 2015

This film has been exported from Book Creator on an iPad. Other apps that were used to create the book were Morfo and Puppet Pals. The children had iPads in their classroom for three weeks. This is just one example of their work.

 Cradley CE Primary – Year 6 – Traditional Tales? – October 2014

A couple of films made by year 6 at Cradley, using Green Screen and iMovie. They provide a different insight into the story of Little Red Ridinghood.

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