An important service we offer to schools is a comprehensive library of loan kit. This particularly covers areas of computing that schools find it difficult and expensive to resource. Class sets are available to all schools subscribing to Curriculum ICT Support and we will be delighted to bring you what you need as well as to help you introduce any new skills to your class. Just let us know and we’ll be in touch with you to arrange support. Kit is as follows:

Green Screen

Green Screening – This is amazing simple to do with an iPad and the Green Screen app. You will, of course also need a green screen and it will be helpful to have a tripod, mount for your iPad and even an external microphone to get better quality sound. We’ll bring the kit and spend some time with you to show you how it all works, then leave it with you for your project.

Aug 24 - iBundanceiPads – group sets – if you’re wondering whether or not to take the plunge and join the very many schools now using tables we will be happy to loan you 10 or more iPads for three weeks, all completely setup with a whole host of apps, ready to go. We’ll spend a day with you in your school introducing you to some of the exciting things you can do.

WeDoLEGO WeDo – a great way into the world of control. Children love this kit. There are twelve project that can be built from LEGO’s build instructions, once done they can can use Scratch to program their creations. Children can also design and build their own projects from scratchand then control them. You can borrow 15 sets, enough for a whole class.


Animation – high quality webcams, animation theatres. This will allow your whole class to get going with stop frame animation (that’s Wallace and Gromit style). It’s easy to integrate animation into what’s already going on, especially in Literacy, and children get very engaged. If you’re using an iPad we can support that too. See the Animation resources on this site.

LEGO Story starterLEGO Story Starter – StoryStarter develops a wide range of writing, speaking, reading and listening skills at Key Stages 1 & 2. Twenty four activities are provided. Children plan a story through discussion as they build models. They then take photos of their builds to illustrate their story and go on to write it using either LEGO’s own software / app or a whole range of iPad apps. This is a great resources to use with iPads. You can borrow a full class set (6 kits)

Basic film makingBasic Film making – class sets of USB “flip type” video cameras so that you can get all your children filming and editing. Appropriate software will be found on any Windows computer so there’s no further cost and you’ll be surprised how easy movie editing really is. Children take to it really well and it’s true 21st Century communication.


Clever filmingMore sophisticated film making – if you want to do something to better quality we now have sets of high quality film making kit (camera, tripod, external microphone, headphones and all the gubbins). Children get a great kick out of using the proper stuff and we’ll support you with it.


flogoFlowGo / Flowol (control)– One of the aspects of computing that has become more of a priority for schools with the advent of the new Computing (and Design and Technology) curriculum. Many schools have one proper set of control kit but this is not too much help with a class of children and the best you can do is mock it all up on the computer (not quite the same!). These are “class carts” so all your children (working in groups) can get their hands on the kit and do control properly with models they have made in Design and Technology. The carts also have the necessary components (bulbs, LEDs, buzzers, switches …)

knexK’NEX kits – This links to the Data Harvest control kit above. Children can construct one of 5 fairground models which they can then control with the computer, Go software (or Flowol) and a FlowGo control interface (please see above). We have several sets that you can borrow together to create a whole class fairground and of course, we’ll be happy to come in and take you and your children through the process.

vuData logging – links to science and maths and helps greatly with children’s understanding of graphs. Again, most schools have one of these; we have class sets for you to borrow. The one pictured is Data Harvest’s new Vu data logger for primary children. We also have sets of the older Q3+ ones. You can also borrow sets of related kits such as heart rate monitors, eco house models and timing ramp sets.

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