Home learning with tech policy template


Home Learning Policy April 2020

Computing Policy template

Computing Policy front

This is a template policy that you can download and adapt for use in your school. It has been designed to reflect the situation in the majority of Herefordshire primary schools

Herefordshire-primary-template-computing-policy March 2020

Online-safety policy template

The policy template below is quite old now. A better option may be to use the template (on which the Herefordshire one was based) provided free of charge by the South West Grid for Learning


The online safety policy template is a blueprint for keeping your children (and adults) safe. It should be developed and read alongside your school’s data protection policy.

Word Document (for editing): Herefordshire Primary Template Online Safety Policy March 2018

PDF (will look prety on a tablet): Herefordshire Primary Template Online Safety Policy March 2018

Please note, the old Herefordshire e-security policy template is no longer available, some aspects of it have been rolled into the new online safety template (above) and the “protecting personal data” should now be a part of your data protection policy.

Your data protection policy needs to be GDPR compliant from May 2018. There’s a great template here from the School Bus.

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