The Ofsted  Education Inspection Framework (EIF) came into force in September 2019 with a substantial shift in the flavour of inspections, particularly with regard to the aspects of the curriculum that may be scrutinised.

The deep dive process is key to this and in primary schools, inspectors will always carry out a deep dive in reading and then in one or more other subjects depending on the size of the school. In addition, a deep dive may often be carried out in Maths. This is a change for the better and it’s great to see Ofsted taking an interest in the whole curriculum and not just Maths and English.

Any subject could be inspected, with less than a day’s notice and this causes concern for many subject coordinators.

Please note that as a part of the deep dive process inspectors will scrutinise children’s work. THIS DOES NOT MEAN ONLY THAT ON PAPER! It should include (and if it doesn’t you should point them in the direction of) digital work and the best way to do that would be to sign them into Seesaw, Showbie, Class Dojo … (assuming you’re using one of those platforms – and if not, you should start!)

Here is a list of possible questions, with some possible answers, that you can use if you are using the Herefordshire materials that you’ll find across this website. Stay safe in the water!

Deep Dive Questions answered Herefordshire MS