The micro:bit is a small programmable board, created by the BBC that can be used for a variety of tasks, once programmed. The BBC have branded it as the true successor to the BBC micro. The DfE gave one to each Year 7 student in 2016 in an attempt to get more children coding. It’s very appropriate to upper KS2 and it’s possible to code it using tablets and a coding language that looks very much like Scratch.


We have a large number of these devices, and associated kt which schools are welcome to borrow. We’ll start you off with a half day workshop to get you going.

You’ll find a wealth of material on the official website of the device.


Additionally, there’s a sheet of starter activities here that work well with the components we’ve included with each of the kits you can borrow: a-selection-of-microbit-projects.

You’ll find a whole host of other possibilities if you search online.