Works with iPads – a truly fantastic solution linking most of the STEM curriculum, especially strong on science.



Using LEGO WeDo is a great way to cover the control elements of the KS2 computing curriculum. We have two class sets you can borrow (15 sets in each). We’ll also be happy to come and support you with an introductory session in the classroom. Please contact us to arrange this.

WeDo has its own software but it’s expensive and a bit quirky. We recommend you use Scratch instead (Scratch is free and you’re likely to be using it already). We recommend that you use version 1.4 of Scratch (which needs to be downloaded and installed on your computers). When you connect the WeDo USB hub exta blocks will appear at the motion and sensing categories (but be patient, it may take a while for the hub to be detected).

There is some planning in the Upper KS2 Herefordshire Computing Progression materials.

The LEGO build instructions for creating the 12 models that are possible with each set can be found here. Additionally, it’s worth hunting on YouTube for video guides.

Once children have built their model they will need some ideas for programming it. Here are some for each of the twelve LEGO builds with some Scratch help. LEGO WeDO Build Challenges

It’s also worth taking a look at Dr E’s challenges

The full teacher’s guide is here.

Have fun!

LEGO Story Starter

LEGO Story Starter is an excellent Literacy resource aimed at KS1 and lower KS2.

We have a class set (6 boxes each intended for use by 5 children) for you to borrow.

It is particularly powerful when used with iPadswith a whole range of apps that will allow children to tell the stories they create. Such as: Book Creator, COmic Life, Lego Movie Maker, I Can Animate, iMovie…

If you’re borrowing the kit from us you will find it useful to see theCurriculum Guide (Teachers manual) which covers all kinds of pedagogical issues as well as explaing how the kit should work. This is available here: StoryStarter Curriculum 1.2 EN-GB.compressed NEW Curric only

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