The iPad is, in our opinion one of the best pieces of technology to have hit schools for many years.

Schools that have invested in this technology, after having formulated a proper vision and enabled it through quality training and support in classrooms are finding that technology is being used in a more creative and natural way than ever before, right across the curriculum.

Here are a few children from Brampton Abbotts CE Primary in Ross expressing some very early opinions after only three weeks of using them.

What Apps should we use?

iPad apps listOne of the most frequently requested resources from usis a list of apps. It’s important to try to focus on just a few open ended creative apps that will enable you to deliver the IT part of the computing programme of study and therefore support the whole curriculum. The green section of this list: iPad apps for Computing Progression 2014 does just that, as well as containing some suggestions about apps for the Computer Science (CS) strand (though this can be very well delivered through Scratch on PCs)

Have you backed up your MacBook?

Many schools are managing sets of iPads using a MacBook and Apple’s fee application Apple Configurator. It is most important that this MacBook is backed up properly. If this data is lost from the MacBook for any reason, such as the machine failing, it can mean that all purchases are lost and need to be purchased again (potentially hugely costly). More information here: Back up your Apple Configurator iPad Data

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