Children become incredibly excited by drones and a good way to put their coding into a practical context is to code a drone. There are also good opportunities fro developing scientific and mathematical understanding.

There is a class set of drones available for you to borrow. This is now at Ashfield Park Primary School, Ross-on-Wye. You can contact them to request this here. Please note that you will need to collect and return them from / to the school.


Parrot Minidrones are the best place to start. You should be able to find them at £50 or less and there are a few apps that allow you to program them.

Best of all, perhaps, is Tynker.

iPad Screenshot 5

Here are some resources that will help in the classroom:

Risk Assessment: Drone KS2 Risk Assessment (Word)    Drone KS2 Risk Assessment (PDF)

PowerPoint presentation to introduce drones to your class: Drones Intro LOW QUALITY

Focused activities (mainly adapted from Parrot Education):

Airborn Football
Cargo Drone Obstacle course
Jumping Drone Obstacle course
Leap Frog
Power Mass Lifter
Time+ Distance activity Tickle+Tynker