Computing Curriculum

One of the biggest challenges facing schools at present is the introduction and implementation of the the new computing curriculum from September 2014.

Herefordshire has a great track record in supporting schools with guidance on delivery of the ICT / Computing programme of study – the Herefordshire ICT Progression materials (2007) were adopted by schools and local authorities across the country.

Computing Progression cover

The Herefordshire Primary Computing Progression materials (2014) were published in August 2014 and are now in use in may of the schools that we support directly through our service level agreement. Schools can access these via the Computing Progression Downloads page

Computing Progression – Assessment extract

The document below contains just the assessment section of the Herefordshire Computing Progression.

Herefordshire Primary Computing Progression ASSESSMENT SECTION

scratch_mit_labComputer Science and particularly programming, is the strand of the new curriculum that is giving most cause for concern. We are able to come and deliver in class support here for teachers (learn alongside your children approach) but some training for staff is useful to help bring their skills to an appropriate level. Please also ask us to come and deliver a staff meeting training session or two in your school.

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