Space VR at Lugwardine (Y1)

Here’s a book we made this afternoon with Year 1 at Lugwardine Primary School. Earlier in the week they used Google Expeditions on a mix of Google Cardboard headsets and iPads t explore the Solar System. We also looked at a VR app and used the new iOS11 screen recording feature to create video of our voyage through space.

Through the seek the children wrote sentences about each planet and rehearsed them. This afternoon we used a green screen and Do Ink’s Green Screen app to film them in space. Each planet has a page in the e-book we made in Book Creator.

We hope you enjoy it.

Christmas iPad Activities

For the last couple of years, through December, I’ve been sending out daily Twitter posts with a Christmas iPad activity that might be used in class.

This year I’m sending you the lot in one go. I’ve updated them to make use of (you’ll find these three on the “any year group” sheet):

  • The John Lewis “Moz” advert
  • VR – Google Spotlight Stories: Special Delivery
  • Christmas Tree artwork in Pic Collage (great for Christmas cards)
  • And one or two more …

If you have digital leaders working in your school you might like to use them to help you deliver a lesson. Happy Christmas – enjoy the last two weeks.

Christmas iPad Activities Any Year group

Christmas iPad Activities R,Y1,Y2

Christmas iPad Activities Y3+4

Christmas iPad Activities Y5+6

Happy Birthday, Mr Kyrle – Ross-on-Wye Primary Schools – May 2017

Various organisations in Ross-on-Wye worked together to put on a day of celebrations for the 380th birthday of their most famous “all round good egg” John Kyrle.

As a part of this event Brampton Abbotts, Bridstow and Walford Primary Schools came to St Mary’s Church for a workshop day where the task was to create 5 films about the great man that would then be on display for visitors to the Sunday event. You can view these at or by visiting St Mary’s Church and scanning the QR codes that will remain in the building for some while.

MrKyrle website

The children were assisted by a number of adults from St Mary’s congregation (who had their own workshop afternoon prior to develop their film making skills) and by local historian Jon Hurley who’s book “In Search of John Kyrle: The Man of Ross” was invaluable for the historical background to the project.