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The rapidly changing face of technology means that the potential it has to assist with learning constantly changes and grows. Difficult economic circumstances make it even more important that schools and academies keep abreast of new technological developments and make the right decisions. We help schools to do this. Mark Sanderson has a well proven track record and is highly respected by schools with a high proportion of Herefordshire’s primary schools buying into this support each year.

This service level agreement offers schools and academies a fully developed and comprehensive range of backup services (detailed below) that are not necessarily available outside this SLA. Support is always tailored to the needs of the school and individual teachers, and guided by priorities set in meetings with school leaders.

What we do

We provide support for all primary and special schools and academies for all aspects of computing across the curriculum and work with:

• Computing coordinators and subject leaders
• All classroom based staff (teachers, teaching assistants and volunteer helpers)
• Pupils
• School managers, governors and administrators

We work closely with local experts in other fields to provide properly coordinated support, often through joint projects.

The service offers:

• Whole day, half day or twilight training in schools through 1:1 support, groups or whole staff sessions
• Support for teachers, in their classrooms, with their children via model lessons
• Support for the new computing curriculum, the highly acclaimed Herefordshire Primary Computing Progression (2014) and how to embed this across the curriculum
• Free access to a centre based course programme for all members of your school community
• Assistance with, and resources for, strategic planning and procurement
• Template policy documents for all areas of technology in school and assistance with translating good policy into good practice
• Support for computing co-ordinators
o On-going support via face-to-face meeting, email, phone, newsletters …
o Termly computing subject leader meetings
• Advice and support in the procurement, deployment and most especially classroom use of tablet technology
• E-safety guidance, support and training for all members of your extended school community helping you to meet Ofsted’s exacting Safeguarding requirements.
• Specific computing pupils’ projects – for example:
o Film project
o Herefordshire Digital Leaders Programme (termly pupil conferences)
o Gifted and talented workshops
o Animation projects
• Teaching resources shared with subscribing schools
• Free access to a comprehensive loan library of kit (e.g. iPad sets, film making kit, data logging, control, 3D printers, LEGO resources, animation …) and in-class support for its use.
• Brokering of extra services and support
• … and anything else you may reasonably ask of the service.

Our specific areas of focus are sent to computing coordinators each year in March.



The cost is £750 per school plus £5.20 per pupil.

Federations or established formal collaborations (maximum of 7 schools) are able to purchase the service level agreement at a 10% discount on the above price

The full range of backup support detailed above is offered on an on-going basis only to subscribing schools. In addition, an allocation of in-school support is provided for each school based on size. However, we have always met (and aim to continue to meet) all reasonable requests made by subscribing schools and have never yet refused support.

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