Advent Calendar of Christmas iPaddery – 17th December

Activity 12 (Y5+6): The man on the moon (2015 John Lewis ad) – people in need at Christmas

The 2015 John Lewis ad is a bit of a classic. I think there is a whole raft of possibilities with But here’s one idea:

Get the children to snapshot some carefully selected stills of the Man on the moon looking down to earth (press the home button and the power button together to do this).


Get them to do a bit of research into parts of the world where people don’t have such a great time at Christmas and take some snapshots of the ones that particularly interest them (charity sites might be good, Children in need …)

Use iMovie  Book Creator (have you seen the great comic book templates?), Pic CollageShadow Puppet, Pupet Pals … or any creative app to make their own piece about looking after people at Christmas.

Of course you will need to talk to the children about making sure that it’s OK to use the images they select.

I did some of this with a year 5 class in 2015 and on Christmas day afternoon some of the children were blogging to ask for help as they continued it.

There are things you can do with this year’s John Lewis ad, Excitable Edgar, too and it’s worth checking out their website

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