Advent Calendar of Christmas iPaddery – 16th December

Activity 11 (Y5+6): Promote your Christmas production with an iMovie trailer

An excellent feature of iMovie and an easy way into it is to use the trailer feature.

There is a range of templates to choose from and the children add their own pictures (or very short video) and a number of powerful pieces of text to these to create a thoroughly professional piece with which they will be very proud.

Text style, music and structure are locked into the template so it’s important to get that choice right at the outset. If you have the time (an I appreciate that you probably don’t this week) t’s also good to get children to storyboard on paper first before they hit the app; this blog has some splendid printable storyboard planning sheets that you can use with the children first, as well as further notes of explanation about the templates.


They will want to share what they’ve done beyond school. How about creating a trailer for your school production and sharing it online.

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