Advent Calendar of Christmas iPaddery – 12th December

Activity 9 (Y3+4): Aldi Christmas Ads – Poetry with Puppet Pals

The Aldi 2016 Christmas ad (which you’ll still find with this link) is a great animation that could easily be copied in a simpler style by using Puppet Pals. It uses Clement Clarke Moore’s poem The Night Before Christmas so great for a link to Literacy by getting the children to rework the poem themselves.


They could choose their own Christmas character (or use the Kevin the Carrot idea from the ad), photograph their main character then design or search for their own backgrounds. Puppet Pals is a really easy way to put the whole thing together once they have written and rehearsed their poem.

The last time I looked, the Aldi stores had large quantities of Kevin the Carrot and his friends in the middle aisle so plenty of green screen scope again.

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