Advent Calendar of Christmas iPaddery – 9th December

Activity 6 – (KS1 and 2) – Christmas Ads

Christmas ads are always great for classroom projects. This year the Church of England has entered the stage with the release of its Christmas Ad this weekend #FollowTheStar.

This is an easily reproducible format that you might like to copy as a school / class. You could begin by “boxing up” theirs. Break it down into sections, consider what techniques are used, how are the shots framed, where is the camera (angle), how is sound used?

Then plan your own: what carol would your children use? How would they illustrate each line? How would they use your school building / your church? Could you film the children performing the carol as the backing track?

Children could easily work in groups on sections of the film and then airdrop to one iPad so that a group (perhaps your digital leaders) could edit up the film. Younger children could use Book Creator to do this page by page the use the combine books feature and export as a movie.

Go on … give it a go, and if you do please make sure your share the result with me – and even the wider world by tweeting with the C of E’s hashtag #FollowTheStar

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