Advent Calendar of iPaddery – 6th December

Activity 5 – More Christmas Cards – Scratch Junior (KS1)

This is a scaled down version of the Scratch programming from Y4 at Credenhill on Tuesday and I’m grateful to Y2 & 3 children @BosburyPrimary for being the guinea pigs this morning.


Like it’s big brother, Scratch Jr is not rich in festive content and as you can’t easily import artwork to become sprites we focused on the one winter background and Christmas (ish) tree. We made flashing lights (show / hide in a repeat loop – see above) added a bit of text, recorded the class singing and hey presto! We also experimented with different start conditions (green flag, tap, and even send and receive messages between sprites) but this class have done quite a bit of coding in the past and are good at it.

It’s also not easy to share work created in Scratch Jr, the only options being air drop and email (requiring an email account to send from and Scratch Jr on the receiving device) so a bit of fiddling around might be needed. At Bosbury we turned them into video format using the screen recording tool (needs to be turned on in Settings – Control Centre – Customize controls) but I’ve probably lost you by now and it is Friday.

Enjoy these two by Avena (featuring a Christmas Tree eating green horse)  and Emily who said I could share them with you.

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