Advent Calendar of iPaddery – 4th December

Activity 3 (all phases): Personalised green screen Christmas cards

Green screening is a great technology that children love. You just need a bright green (or blue) plain background.  If you have Do Ink’s Green Screen app that’s probably the easiest way to get a still image; however, as of this summer you don’t need a specialist app any more for video as Apple’s free iMovie app now does it beautifully.

Get your children to select a great Christmas backdrop (or photograph their own work), if you have Christmas costumes get them to dress up appropriately then use the Green Screen app to photograph themselves in their chosen Christmas scene. Here’s one of many we made at Blackmarston:


The finished photograph can be turned into a printed Christmas card using whatever software / device you are most comfortable with.

You could go on and create a piece of video in the same scene with the child giving their own Christmas message and attach that to the card with a QR code to bring the card to life. More about that to come.

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