12 Days of Christmas iPaddery – Day 7

Day 7: Using QR codes or augmented reality to bring 2D to life (all year groups)

QR does and augmented reality apps such as Aurasma allow you to bring 2 dimensional printing to life in video, usually on a mobile device (tablet or phone). The advantage of Aurasma is that your video file is automatically uploaded to the cloud from where the app (on any one’s phone or tablet) can access and play it from a trigger image you chose. The device playing your video needs to have “subscribed” to your Aurasma channel or be logged into the same Aurasma account (the easiest option within school)

So in the case of the Christmas card you might have made on Day 4 of these projects you could go on and film the child giving a Christmas wish, song, performance etc. You use the Aurasma app to upload the video, and capture the still image (your card). The recipient of the card needs to subscribe to your Aurasma channel and can then play the video just by holding the device over the card. Similar results can be achieved with a QR code and a QR code reader app.

ARThere’s a great demonstration of augmented reality in this TED talk. You can try it out for yourself by downloading the free Aurasma app to your phone or tablet and showing it a £10 note. This is all great stuff and if you’d like support in taking it further next year then please get in touch.

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