12 Days of Christmas iPaddery – Day 5

Day 5: Use Padlet to share the Christmas joy – and the whole year through! (Y3+4)

It’s so important to give children a proper audience and purpose for their work, even if this is only mum and dad. (It’s also a great way to get the message out to parents that iPads offer huge educational and creative potential.)

There are many ways to share things and we’d love to come and take you through some of them in a staff meeting. A really easy gain, however, is to sign up for a FREEE Padlet account (www.padlet.com).  You then create “walls” which you can easily share with the children via a QR code (Padlet generates that for you on the share button). Children then upload their finished work to the wall (posting their name as a title). Printed QR codes can be sent home for parents to view their work on their smart phones.

Here’s an example of a Padlet wall from Whitchurch Primary. We created it for the children to share some trailers (see day 4) they’d made with their parents.

Padlet Whitchurch

You should look into the settings, by default the walls you create are visible only to those who have the link (QR code) so that’s good. You may wish to lock your wall from further editing once it is complete so that when it goes live to parents it’s not possible for further posing to take place. Having said that, it’s cool to ask your children to go home and watch some of their friends’ work and post positive comments as a homework task (great e-safety discussion opportunity…).

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