Twelve Days of Pre-Christmas Day 1

Day 1: Advent Calendar using thinglink (Year 3+4)

Thinglink is a website (, so no need for any app install (though there is one) and of course you can use it on computers too.  Just get a teacher to create an account for their class (it’s free) and get going.

You add a picture to create your “thinglink” then share it with the class, via a web link or by creating a QR code to display on the whiteboard (children will need a QR code reader on their iPads to read a QR code) they can all add tags to the picture (after research). Take a look at the Settings – you can open it up so that anyone with the link can edit and keep it “private” so only those with the link can see / edit it.


Here’s one I started. (or scan the QR Code below).


It’s open for editing and private to the people with the link. Try adding your own fact about Advent (it’s anonymous unless you choose to add your name!) If you’re really pressed for time just invite the children to contribute to my one.

Don’t forget to share what you make with me.

Checkout Twitter (@herefordICTmark ) or for the next day’s activity

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